Address: 9 North Drive
Holiday Hills, San Antonio,
San Pedro City, Laguna 4023
Contact #: +63(2)8680591

Address: 9 North Drive
Holiday Hills, San Antonio,
San Pedro City, Laguna 4023
Contact #: +63(2)8680591







We are a professional lighting company and we aim to provide cutting edge quality lighting solutions to different applications for both indoor and outdoor use. Utilizing our individual God given talents and seek to excel in our own respective role in achieving excellence
with our supply of quality products and services.

We excel to be a “Go To” supplier-partner and winning the hearts and minds of our customers. Being customer friendly.


Allowing everyone in the company to experience growth in their personal life, spiritual life and family life.

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To Designers, Engineers and Consultants; Elevate the quality of service through timely delivery of required lighting solutions, new design approach, product samples, electrical composition, energy saving calculations, catalogs and brochures in aid to facilitate
correctness in their lighting design undertakings.

To Contractors and Builders; Quality service through quality and competitive product pricing, availability of the items through timely and prompt delivery.

To End-Users and Owners; Quality through long lasting solution using, the right light for the correct application, right light with true energy saving solution, right light for helping the environment and right light at the right cost.

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Lux is a unit measurement for light. Good lighting contributes to the quality of life and increases the comfort and efficiency with which work functions are performed. The difference in cost between such lighting and that which can be described as just adequate is relatively small, and is in any case offset by the benefits brought in its wake.

But good lighting, whether as part of a new project or part of a renovation scheme, cannot be left to chance. It must be planned from
the outset by experts; only then will it be truly cost effective and energy conscious.

In conclusion, energy-effective, low-cost lighting involves choosing the hardware and installing this in such a way as to ensure: The right light at the right place at the right time at the right costs.

Ritelux, your partner in lighting solution.

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